MaToMaTo - Windows Pomodoro Timer


MaToMaTo is a Windows animated Pomodoro Technique timer. It's made in WPF so you'll need .Net 3.5 to run it. It's simple, yet IMHO, it fulfills all the ideal requirements of a pomodoro timer.

It has no activities manager since you're supposed to manage them on paper. It just acts as a timer with fixed 25 minutes elapsed time. Main features are:

  • It stays on top of all windows, so you're able to always see it even if working on MS word, Visual Studio or anything you're working on to complete your pomodoro task.
  • It doesn't make any tick or other noise, so it's ideal when working on open spaces with other people.
  • It is animated, it swings every second for the first 20 minutes of the pomodoro. The last 5 minutes, it pulses like a tomato-heart :-)
  • It's not possible to stop and restart a pomodoro. Restarting one puts the timer back to 25.
  • Now (November 5 2012) with new graphics to comply with (tomato) copyright issues.
  • Source code on GitHub.

We should give credit to Federica Cuccolo, she did all the coding, terrific work, thanks Fefy!

No setup needed. Simply unzip, start the executable and enjoy our crazy MaToMaTo!

You can download it here.

Any feedback will be appreciated! Please let us know what you think by sending us an e-mail at